A romance novel with a touch of humor, an element of mystery and a twist of fate – a recipe for entertainment.

  Megan O’Hara had spent her entire life rubbing elbows with the elite.  Life presented her with few problems that her father couldn’t handle.  He gave her a job and even selected her fiancé.  The idea of voicing an objection to such a wise and kind man seemed ungrateful – until the romance turned sour.  That was when she made the decision to take control of her destiny.
   Making the decision was the easy part.  Making a clean break wasn’t going to be easy.  An ad in a newspaper about some land in Arkansas inspired an idea.  It provided a secluded place to test her survival skills.
  From the first day, nothing was as she expected – especially the young man she suspected her father had sent to play guardian.  Under his tutelage, she found self-confidence – and first love.
    All was going well until her fiancé made a surprise visit.  But she was no longer the girl who had left California weeks before.
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A Tutelarius Love
A Clean Romance Novel
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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